Biochemistry 158/258

FISH Karyotype

Genomics, Bioinformatics & Medicine

Doug Brutlag

Next Generation Sequencing


Lecture on Next Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing Slides

Next Generation Sequencing Lecture Video

Next Generation Sequencing Technologies

Illumina - Solexa

Illumina Technology

Roche Life Sciences

Roche Life Sciences Sequencing Technology

Applied Biosystems Inc. (ABI)

ABI SOLID Sequencing Technology

Pacific BioSciences

Pacific BioSciences SMRT Technology

Complete Genomics

Ion Torrent Technology

Recent Literature Reviews on Next Generation Sequencing Methods

Other Literature References on Next Generation Sequencing

Sequencing depth and coverage: key considerations in genomic analyses.

Whole-genome sequencing and infectious disease: a novel application of sequencing technology.

Single cell genome sequencing.

Single-cell sequencing-based technologies will revolutionize whole-organism science

Translating next generation sequencing to practice: opportunities and necessary steps.

Overview of high throughput sequencing technologies to elucidate molecular pathways in cardiovascular diseases.

High-throughput sequencing for biology and medicine.

Application of next generation sequencing to molecular diagnosis of inherited diseases.

Lectures only available to Stanford Students

Henry Stewart Talks

Next generation sequencing technologies (33 mins)  Dr. Krishna Veeramah  –  University of California, Los Angeles, USA