Biochemistry 158/258


Genomics, Bioinformatics & Medicine

Doug Brutlag

Introduction to Genomics and Medicine


Lecture Materials

  1. Introduction Slides

  2. Lecture Video on Course Web Page

  3. Francis Collins Vision of Genomics and Medicine

Huntington Disease

    1. Cassandra's Connundrum

    2. Nancy Wexler

    3. Francis O. Walker - Review of Huntington Disease

    4. Huntington Consortium Publication of Gene

    5. Huntington Video

    6. Testing for Huntington Disease: Making an Informed Choice

H. pylori and peptic ulcers

    1. Lecture by John Robin Warren: Helicobacter - The ease and difficulty of a new discovery (Biovision 2010 Conference in Alexandria Egypt)

    2. Interview with Barry Marshall: Stress Doesn't Cause Ulcers! Or, How To Win a Nobel Prize in One Easy Lesson: Barry Marshall on Being ... Right

Preventive Medicine

Pasteur and Preventive Medicine - Extract of Our Fragile Fortress

Modern Day Epidemics due to failure to Vaccinate

Food Prices and Obesity: Evidence and Policy Implications for Taxes and Subsidies

Personalized Medicine in 2014: has healthcare been transformed? Ralph Snyderman

Recent References on Genomics and Medicine

Lectures Online

Genome TV Channel

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Henry Stewart Talks

•Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection Topics

Cancer: apoptosis, epigenetics, monoclonal antibody therapy, evolution and medicine

Clinical Proteomics

Diseases, Disorders & Treatments: Alzheimers, autoimmunity, autism and ASD, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases, obesity, prions, RNA interference, bioinformatics and genome analysis

Drug Discovery: antivirals, biomarkers, cancer therapy, monoclonals, small molecules

Drug Discovery and Development in the Neurosciences

Epigenetics, Chromatin, Transcription and Cancer

Genetics: Copy number variation, DNA methylation, epigenetics, eukaryotic gene regulation, human genetics, population genetics

Introduction to Human Genetics

Genetics of Cardiovascular Disease

The Genetic Basis of Neurological Disorders

Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Stem Cells

Biomedical Seminars Calendar

Medical Grand Rounds

Mark Pegram, Prof. of Medicine – Therapeutic strategies targeting ERBB2

Hanlee Ji,  Stanford Oncology – The Genetics of Personalized Cancer Medicine

Joseph Wu, Stanford Cardiology – iPSC for modeling cardiovascular disease

Robert Negrin, Stanford Bone Marrow Transplantation – Allogenic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Today and Tomorrow

Atul Butte, Stanford Pediatrics – Systems Medicine: Translating 300 billion points of data into new therapies

Marc Lipman, University of Miami - Will we ever cure Breast Cancer?

Muin Khoury, Director Office of public Health CDC - –Genomic Medicine in the 21st Century From Science to Action

Ross Levine, Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell - –Genetics and therapy of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Steve Coutre, Chief Resident, Stanford Department of Medicine–Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia: Do we have a cure?

Russ Altman, Professor of Bioengineering, Genetics, Biomedical Informatics - Moving Pharmacogenomics into the Clinic

Deborah Zarin, Director - Selective Publication, Suspect Analyses and Other Maladies

Atul Butte, Professor of System Medicine - Transforming Trillions of Data Points into Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and New Insights

Rainer Storb, Director of Transplantation, Fred Huntchinson, - Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation

Roger Kornberg, Professor of Structural Biology, Nobel Laureate - Transcription in Development and Disease

Mike Snyder, Chairman of Genetics - Integrating Omics into Medicine: Where we are and where we should be.

Kathleen Poston, Asst. Professor of Neurology, Stanford. Parkinson’s Disease: Revisiting Classic Motor and Non-Motor Symptoms with Neuroimaging

David Liang - Marfan Syndrome and Relatives

Frederic B. Kraemer - Hypertriglyceridemia: Causes, Risk and Treatments.

Joy Wu - Bone and Blood: The role of osteoblasts in hematopoiesis