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Genomics, Bioinformatics & Medicine

Structural Variants in the Human Genome

Doug Brutlag

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Lecture by Evan Eichler on Human Genome Structural Variation, Disease and Evolution

Recent Literature Reviews on Structural Variants in the Human Genome

Other References on Structural Variants in the Human Genome

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Lecture only Available to Stanford Students

Henry Stewart Talks

Copy number variation (37 mins) 

Array comparative genomic hybridization to characterize copy number variation in the human genome (17 mins)

CNVs in human genomes (32 mins)

Genomic disorders: mechanisms for copy number variation and clinical implementation of high-resolution genome analysis (64 mins) 

Databases for CNV in control and disease populations (47 mins) 

CNVs and clinical diagnosis (44 mins) 

Williams-Beuren syndrome locus: a model of CNV affecting gene dosage and phenotypes (31 mins) 

Mendelian CNV mutations (33 mins) 

Copy number variation in mental retardation (45 mins) 

Copy number variation in neuropsychiatric disorders (40 mins) 

The future of CNVs: sequence based resolution and links to human disease (56 mins)