Biochemistry 158/258

FISH Karyotype

Genomics, Bioinformatics & Medicine

Simple Nucleotide Polymorphisms

Doug Brutlag

SNP Lecture Resources

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SNP Web Resources

The Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Database

Department of Energy SNP Page

SNP database dbSNP

International HapMap Project

HapMap Tutorials

Thousand Genome Project

1000 Genomes Browser

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1000 Genomes Browser Quick Start Guide

UK10K Genome Project

Centers for Mendelian Genomics

ClinVar: Locus Reference Genomic: reference sequences for the reporting of clinically relevant sequence variants

Personal Genomics and Genetic Testing



Recent Literature Reviews on SNPS in the Human Genome

Other Literature References

HapMap Project Publications

The International HapMap Project Web site.

The SNP Consortium website: past, present and future.

Human genome sequencing in health and disease.

Publications using the HapMap Consortium Data

A second generation human haplotype map of over 3.1 million SNPs.

1000 Genomes Project Publication

Literature Reviews of 1000 Genome Project

The NHGRI GWAS Catalog, a curated resource of SNP-trait associations

, Computational and statistical issues in personalized medicine

Medical Grand Rounds

Atul Butte, Professor of System Medicine - Transforming Trillions of Data Points into Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and New Insights