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Genomics, Bioinformatics & Medicine

Doug Brutlag

Finishing the Human Genome Sequence

Lecture on Finishing the Human Genome Sequence

Finishing The Human Genome Slides

Finishing the Human Genome Lecture Video

Human Genome as of 2001

Public Human Genome Project Publication In Nature 15 February 2001

Initial Sequencing and Analysis of the Human Genome Paper (Public Effort)

Commercial Human Genome Sequence Published in Science 16 February 2001

The Sequence of the Human Genome (Celera)

Final Human Genome as of 2004-2007

Finishing the Euchromatic Sequence of the Human Genome 2004

The Diploid Genome Sequence of an Individual Human 2007

Genomic Web Resources

Human Genome Project

Human Genome Primer

NCBI Human Genome Resources

EBI ENSEMBL Human Genome Server

UCSC Genome Browser

Next Generation Sequencing Technologies

Illumina - Solexa

Illumina Technology

Roche Life Sciences

Roche Life Sciences Sequencing Technology

Applied Biosystems Inc. (ABI)

ABI Sequencing Technology

Pacific BioSciences

Pacific BioSciences SMRT Technology

Complete Genomics

Ion Torrent Technology

Digital PCR technologies

Fluidigm Microfluidics

Digital PCR Arrays

Access Arrays


Digital PCR

Digital PCR Assays

Recent Literature References on Annotating Genome

Other Literature References

Annotating DNA variants is the next major goal for human genetics.

Integrative annotation of variants from 1092 humans: application to cancer genomics

ENCODE: The human encyclopaedia.

GENCODE: the reference human genome annotation for The ENCODE Project.

Landscape of transcription in human cells.

Architecture of the human regulatory network derived from ENCODE data.

Genomics: ENCODE explained.

An integrated encyclopedia of DNA elements in the human genome.

Genome annotation techniques: new approaches and challenges.